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When you need a water pump installed at your station, make Dan's Pump & Filter LLC your first choice. Whether you already have the new pump or you need a new one built, you can trust Dan and his water pump installation team based in Middleton, ID, serving Meridian and serving the surrounding areas to do the job right for an affordable price.

Don't wait any longer to hire us to install your new water pump.

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Why should you choose our water pump installation team?

Why should you choose our water pump installation team?

If you need a new pump installed, don't settle for mediocre service from an expensive installation service. Contact Dan's Pump & Filter. Here are three reasons why you should hire Dan and his team:

  1. We offer free estimates on all our installation services.
  2. We'll calculate the gallons-per-minute rate accurately to ensure we install the right size pump.
  3. We can measure your space and design custom parts to fit your needs.

For more information about our water pump installation services, contact us today.